Monday, November 28, 2011

What a TEAM!

Only Brother & Sister in the MTC - they became very popular!

Last Day together in the MTC.... Jenn is left behind....

Check out Scott's latest letter below!

Guatemala Mission Training Center Experiences Nov 22, 2011

HI FAMILIA!!!!! This week has been a super weird week- all the old nortes [Americans] that were here before my district arrived and all the latinos have left, so it’s just my district now. That’s how it works, a 3-week cycle. So we’ll be getting totally new latino compaƱeros and everything, and our district of 15 got split in half, L . I looooved my huge district. Now it’s just 6 of us.
I bought a new camera, and I’ll send you pictures as soon as I take them. The times we’re allowed to use cameras is really limited.

Any who, totally amazing week! We had another field trip today!!! Just got back from it basically. We went to a museo [museum], market, a mall, and this crazzzy huge relief map thing. The market was sweet, tons of awesome stuff. That’s a place where you would barter for items. My companero sucked at it.  The relief map was definitely my favorite part. It was this giant map of Guatemala that was 3d-like, the mountains would stick up out of the ground and everything. It was cool because one of the MTC leaders gave us this hour long explanation of EXACTLY why Guatemala is the most likely place for the Book of Mormon to be at. Guatemala, Southern Mexico, and Belize are Lamanite territory--dead serio [serious]. I wish I could explain everything, but believe me when I say every single time the Book of Mormon explains some form of geographical thing, it screams Guatemala. Oh and you know how when the Savior was crucified there was a thick mist for 3 days [in America]? Volcano’s!!!! How come I never thought of that!!! There are more than 33 volcanoes jam packed into the tiny country of Guatemala, and the ash from the eruptions would totally explain that. Just something kind of cool to think about. So little time!!!! [Those are interesting geographic thoughts by Scott, but the Church does not have an official comment.]

HOLY MOSES JENN IS FINALLY IN THAILAND!!!! GAHHHHHH I’M SO STOKED ON LIFE RIGHT NOW. Jenn you have to tell me everything. I love you sooooooo much—you are going dominate Thailand.  You are the ultimate example for me right now!!

Sooooooo can I just say that the church is so true? Wow I’ve been learning so much. Mostly about things that are actually important in this life. Like today at the mall, I was going up an escalator and I remember thinking, "Wow, there’s so much junk here that nobody EVER needs. Do things that actually MATTER in life. Like calling a member of the family. Or reading the scriptures to understand the atonement. Or making goals of how you can progress as a son or daughter of God. Doing something nice for someone else, always smiling about it. Life is good, but if we aren’t pushing ourselves forward, if we aren’t going the extra mile or stretching ourselves, you technically aren’t living in my book. And the Savior taught that the way to save yourself, is to LOSE yourself. As in only focusing on other people. The way to make your life better is by making someone else’s life better. And, of course, as always the Savior is the perfect example for us. He suffered all, so we don’t have to. But we have to do our part! 
I love you all!! Strive for excellence! Happy thanksgiving! Read scriptures! Have faith!
Elder Knutson