Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Christmas / New Year Present EVER!

Scott's cousin Jordon Rands went to Guatemala, and got to spend a little time with Scott. Thank You Jordon!!
Do you see that GREAT smile on Scott's face!  Wow - it speaks volumns!
We we're able to visit with Scott Christmas Day. Another treat for Mom & Dad! We we're able to hook him and Jenn up on the phone together, and that was the sweetest reunion.  They we're so glad to hear each other's voice, laugh, visit, share frustrations, and fun things.  Scott's been having a struggle, and we could share in his frustrations. He's doing better now.  He said they 'walk' everywhere.  The bus rides are always an adventure of who can hold on and stay on!
Christmas traditions there = they get HUGE pine needles about 6-8 inches long, whole bags of them and spread them all over their floors. Random, but smells great! Christmas night he went caroling with a family in his ward! First person they saw was a widow, and she started crying - she was so grateful for the fact that a family would remember her and took time to visit her! They also caroled to a family  of 7, who lived in extremely humble circumstances. There house was between two other buildings, it's walls we're planks of wood and metal sheets. It had uneven dirt floors, and maybe one or two lights. He said they sang to them and we're invited in, and the family gave Scott, his companion and the other carolers all a glass of juice, cookies and a piece of cake. Scott said he could only assume they were going to have it later, because they had no idea they we're coming. They are so full of love, and so humble - gave us all that they had.  

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