Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally More Pictures and New Comp!

Street Tracking?

Guatemala Temple!

The wall matches his TIE!
First off, this week i did divisions with Elder Walls. The elder who lived in Bellingham( Elder Chip Wall's - Kim Wall's Son) Anywho, It was probably the funnest day of my mission so far. Haha it was sooooooooo great. He´s so funny and we had a blast. We would try new things in contacting people- for example, he would go "okay- give me aaaaany random word, and I´ll have to use that word naturally in conversation with who ever opens the door." Or we would make up some completely random name and ask someone if they knew where he lived, because we´ve been asked to visit the made-up person and help them with a message of Jesus Christ. 
Haha so when divisions were done, I tried doing that myself, and the first time I try it I make up a name Juan carlos, I knock on this door and ask if they know where Juan Carlos lives. He didn´t know, (naturally) but went to ask if someone else in the house did. Then this other dude comes back and he´s like "yeah?what do you want?" I was like, "Wait. Are you Juan Carlos?" He goes "Yeah." I laugh. "seriously?! That’s great! Boy, do we have a message for you!" And now we have an appointment for viernes. Sup. 

So this was a pretty good week. Duper hard, but I´m learning tons. I’m almost done reading the Book of Mormon since I got to my first area. AKA THE BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET.  
Sooooo it’s been really tough getting our investigators to actually progress. That’s the challenge of the mish thus far- getting people to commit to do things that are essencial for progression!! Luckily, there´s an entire chapter about that in PMG. Win. Which is also THE BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET.
Spanish is coming along nice and dandy, I can FINALLY understand the sister in our ward that brings us breakfast. Haha she has a weeeird accent. I can understand WAY better than I can speak. If we´re talking about gospel stuff, I can pretty much understand everything. Like at church yesterday I could understand it all. BLESSINGS. But when it comes to explaining things outside of the gospel, haha I need some work. Like alot. 

Everyone, trust in Christ. This probably means something different for every single person. Learn what it means for you. Pray all the time. Rely on him. I’m just now learning what that means. It can be hard, but that’s why Faith is the first principle of the gospel. Exercise faith in him who is mighty to save. He is to make our burdens light, and we have the promise that if we come unto him, He will heal us. 

I love you all. Be serviceable and apply the example of President Monson in your lives. (Read the march ensign- DOOOOPE!) There is a reason why he’s the prophet. He understands charity. 

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