Monday, March 19, 2012

Hamster Wheel?

Missionary Hamster Wheel! Random sitting outside the church!

Muchisimos gracias para sus correos!!! Seriously. Getting mail is like eating cookie dough. It´s THAT AWESOME.
This was a pretty dynamic week haha. For example yesterday, there was a family who’s house burned down so our ward went to go help them. When yo y mi compaƱero got there, there were TONS and TONS of people helping clear out all the rubble. Two wards and a bunch of neighbors were there forming lines and clearing out the area and chopping down scorched trees and passing around water and getting FILTHY from all the ash and mud. It was amazing to see everyone work together like that. In the church we´re so blessed to  have around 14 million friends that will help you in an instant. Especially here in guatemala where if your house burns down, who KNOWS how you’ll get by.  The house was more of a little shack. It was tragic. This house was decimated. It was the family of the father of our bishop. Most of the shack was put together by metal sheets and some concrete cinderblocks. (that’s how most of the houses are here)  We were carrying all of this metal away for hours. I was really grateful for the opportunity to serve.
While contacting, we actually found 2 inactive families! There records are not in our ward so no one had any idea they were here. They are super nice. Pretty much what we’re trying to do is help activate families and help them come to church. I was thinking about how the missionaries purpose is essentially Helping people come to Christ and apply the atonement in their lives. Most people think of that as knocking on doors and baptizing into the kingdom of God. Which is totally true and part of it. But if a person is inactive, are they coming unto Christ applying the atonement in their lives? No. So helping members feel the spirit, come to church, and take the sacrament to apply Christ atonement in their lives is incredibly important. The purpose of the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and enduring to the end) is to purify and make ourselves clean from sin so we can live with God again. No unclean thing can live in his presence. If we are not taking the sacrament, are we being purified? No. Being made clean? no. The plan that our heavenly father has for us is PERFECT. As in, we have our agency, and he can’t force us to come unto him. WE have to make that choice and effort. But he has given us EVERYTHING necessary to do so. Covenants. the Sacrament. And his Beloved son Jesus Christ.

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